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COMPLAINT ON The German Kitchen Company
BY Oztravels (2 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON July 29, 2015
Dealing with this company is a total nightmare. The owner is incredibly arrogant and has no concept of customer service.

In the sixteen months of building our house in the Philippines we have dealt with numerous companies both domestically and internationally and we have enjoyed the experience immensely. Building a house should be a creative, collaborative and satisfying experience which ours has been except for our dealings with the management (Maarten Groen) of The German Kitchen Company Cebu. I must stress however that the sales team at the German Kitchen Company were very helpful and the product sourced from ProNorm Germany is very good.
...   MORE INFO ON Pronorm>
Retail Outlet
COMPLAINT ON Medicus Medical Centre Iloilo
BY Oztravels (2 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON July 29, 2015
On the 7/20/15 I visited the pharmacy in the Medicus Medical Centre Iloilo Hospital to get some medicine for my wife who was suffering from Diarrhoea. I asked for Lomotil but was advised that they had no stock and they offered an alternate Motilium. I asked if this will do the same job and I was advised that it would. I returned to my wife who took to tablets as prescribed. My wife got much worse so I looked up the drug on the internet. To my shock the drug supplied as the exact opposite effect than Lomotil! This is very unprofessional and gave my wife great stress and discomfort. ...   MORE INFO ON Medicus Medical Centre Iloilo>
BY chacha (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON July 29, 2015
I just lost my E5 phone just now July 29, 2015 around 12:45pm. Philippines Can you track it? my lost phone number is +639168710812
here's my email add : navarrochacha@gmail.com so you can contact me. ...   MORE INFO ON NOKIA>
Consumer Electronics
LOCATION: Pasig City
COMPLAINT ON Philippine Airlines
BY Complainer (107 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON July 29, 2015
Phone: 855-8000 local 2246

Everyday I called the MEDICAL DEPARTMENT of Philippine Airline to update the results of my medical exams due to It was one of the requirements so that I could start as one of their Crew this week. But shockingly, everyday the "GIRL" on the phone who did not give her name and 'she' keep on telling, EVERYDAY, "call after lunch, We are busy" and then I will call later then she will tell "Call tomorrow morning because we are still busy". And to express my disappointment, I am just asking for a few seconds to answer my question of " What is the results of my ECG?" I already submitted all the requirements, I am just waiting for this ONE RESULT. It's been more than a month that the MEDICAL DEPARTMENT is acting like this through phone. I tried to drop by many times personally just to ask about it and they keep will on saying, "JUST CALL US, and we will inform you through phone" because of that, I am JOBLESS for more than a month now.

I ...   MORE INFO ON Philippine Airline>
COMPLAINT ON Ensogo Philippines
BY Lennie Santi (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON July 25, 2015
Nag purchase ako ng massage voucher sa ensogo, pls lang wag na wag nyo kunin ang duchess spa along visayas ave., ndi matino kausap ang may ari.. ndi professional.. tapos nag ask ako ng refund sa ensogo, until now mag 2 months na ndi pa nila narerefund ang pera ko... kausap ko si bet cano sa email, at isang beses lang siya nag reply.. malamang pagbalik ko pinas ndi ko pa din nakukuha ang refund... sobrang walang kwenta ang ensogo... pls lang, kung ayaw nyo madismaya or maghintay ng napakatagal, wag na wag kau kukuha ng items sa kanila.. basta makuha nila ang pera, wala na sila pakielam sau khit sa pag refund, ndi ka nila marerefund kung wala kang tiyaga maghintay sa sobrang tagal... iinit lang ulo mo sa kanila.. ...   MORE INFO ON Duchess and ensogo>
LOCATION: Metro Manila
COMPLAINT ON mubarik ahmad cheema
BY mubarik cheema (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON July 24, 2015
sent many emailes to QATAR AIRWAYS, THEY ALWAYS ANSWER NAGTIVE, my concern i book seat but what know thier is always hotel if more then 8 hours, i went to counter for aske the hotel one of employee from serilanka he answer me you have no hoteland he said i if i want hotel i should pay 125 dollar, i paid they said i should cross the immegration and look there is hotel employees, i ask one of employees from hotel he said just wait here i wait long long but that person never come back i have to go back to QATAR AIRWAYS counter complaint tha now i have only 3 hours for depature please return my money back but they said i should email to QATAR AIRWAYS,I ALWAY EMAIL tell-us@qatarairways.com.qa, ...   MORE INFO ON non>
LOCATION: Metro Manila
COMPLAINT ON MArgaux express
BY J.R (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON July 23, 2015
Margaux express has been my chosen courier when I started my online shop. It was reliable at first but not until they last June 10. My customer from isabel leyte got the package but it was a wrong package. The LBC tacking number that she received was not the tracking number connected to the waybill on their website. Instead of getting Nike shirts she ordered, she got blouses and skirts. When I checked the original tracking number connected to the waybill , it showed that it was sent to LAguna and was now under a different name. When I tried to reach them via their landline, they were really hard to contact. It was a busy line always. I trie to contact them via their Facebook page, and what they did was just block me and delete my comments. I was able to reach them after long hours of trying to contact them and they promised to give me a call back. I waited the whole day and didn't receive any callbacks. When I was able to reach them again,. they asked same information for my concern ...   MORE INFO ON MArgaux express>
Couriers & Deliveries
LOCATION: Metro Manila
COMPLAINT ON BUG car display center
BY Robbie22 (2 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON July 23, 2015
On July 11, I bout a Toyota Rav 4 from BUG car sales in McArthur Hwy, near Dacoville; iDavao city;it was a cash deal. During negotiations, they agreed to supply new tires to the car, provide the spare key and remote control, supply and fit a stainless steel bullbar to the front of the car, plus a full tank of gasoline. I got the new tires, but there has been nothing but lies about the balance of the agreed items. My deadline to them was Wednesday 22 July, so I went there at the time I said that I would; they had not replied to my text messages all day. i was on my own, and there would have been 8-10 men at the car center, so the salesman, who I only know as RANON, the one who make all the promises, and lies so much, he got very smart mouth with me, and said to me, " what was I going to do about it, what, bring your police friends here ". He said he would accompany me to the police, then he say, he will wait there for them to come. I went to the police, and came back with 2 detectives ...   MORE INFO ON Toyota>
LOCATION: Davao City
BY Robbie22 (2 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON July 23, 2015
Recently I purchased a number of large electrical products frpm Abenson at NCCC in Davao. One of the items was a split system aircon, and I was quoted 1500.00 to install because it was promo. On the day it was to be installed, the install company rang me and told me it was to be 5500.00, and naturally, I got very angry. I went to the store and demanded an explanation, and how convenient was it that the salesman was not there. The manager, some woman that I had not met, or had seemed to know all about my business; she remarked that the delivery drivers could not find my house, and were lost for over 2 hours, and I ask her why they did not ring me, and she say they did not have my number- my number was on the invoice, which the drivers had a copy of, so the first in a series of lies. Then she say that I agreed to an aircon install cost of 5000.00, and I said to her that she would not know what I was told or agreed to, because she was not there - another lie by her: I said I want to make ...   MORE INFO ON Various>
Consumer Electronics
LOCATION: Davao City
BY nicaii2112 (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON July 22, 2015
slow internet connection ...   MORE INFO ON pldt>
LOCATION: Metro Manila
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