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COMPLAINT ON Smart Philippines
BY Complainer (79 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON April 19, 2015
Eto aking complaint letter Sa CustomerCare ng Smart:

Dear Shen, Agnes, Shem: [various names in replies I'd received]

1. "Customercare", iisipin ng kahit sino, "alaga sa customer". Pero di ko ma-take ang gusto nyong mangyari. Pakiusap ko, ipaliwanag nyo sa paraang kaya kong matanggap.
2. Ito ay continuation ng aking protesta sa nangyari sa aking "account"/ mobile number 0918 929 3844.
2.1 Dapat finished contract na ito noong August 30, 2013. Hindi kanyo nag-finish ng contract dahil napatawan ng temporary disconnection. Mas fair pa siguro na tinapos na ninyo ang contrata at naningil na lang kayo. Baka nalaman ko pa ng mas maaga ang situation.
2.2 Ang punto ko ay ito: eh, bakit wala kayong pasabi, tawag, o statement of account ng panahong iyon? Anong uri kayo ng kakontrata? Kung ikukumpara sa lending agences, sila merong mga 1st, 2nd, 3rd notices hanggang final warning; sulat, telepono, collector gagamitin nila. Pero ka ...   MORE INFO ON Smart postpaid mobile>
COMPLAINT ON Smart Communications Incorporated
BY theGameRaider (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON April 19, 2015
December of 2014, i subscribed for Smart LTE 995 internet unlimited data plan using a Smart LTE Bro sim card. I was only able to use the services for barely 24 hours at an average network speed of 8.6 mbps(3 mbps during heavy network traffic from past experiences). I called Smart customer services every single day for a week(most times, thrice a day) with complaint for my lack of Internet access. I hadn't passed the Fair Use Policy limit(which they hadn't yet integrated to their network services, and even at that the network is meant to be barred for only 24 hours. The coming weeks was hell because in still wasn't allowed access to the network even when i complained about the services to Smart. i also went to the Smart Data Center located at SM Cebu city to complain but i couldn't use the sim for a month. I got upset and decided not to use the sim, the coming months. I purchased a new sim card the next month and after passing the data cap of their fair use policy, i was only bared ...   MORE INFO ON Smart 4G LTE Network>
Internet Services
COMPLAINT ON Globe Telecom
BY Norman (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON April 17, 2015

I'm new to complaints board, thank you for this opportunity.

I have an LTE homebroadband service from Globe, signal-based. I moved house from Pabahay 2000, Bulacan to Kelsey Hills Subd SJDM, I was requesting for relocation of service so Globe could help me install the service properly. I gave Globe time to do their facility checking to see if any of their service ( DSL, LTE, Wimax ) is serviceable in my area. I never had response or update from Globe regarding this, instead I still have to call their hotline to check what is happening with my acccount. It turns out, as per their facility checkers, no services are available here in my area.

But, also working as a Technical consultant for an internet provider in Australia, I had an idea how my LTE could work, so I attempted to install the LTE modem and the antenna ( trial & error ). I have the service working, but not in full capacity or signal strentgh, as on the modem I'm only getting 2 signal b ...   MORE INFO ON LTE home broadband>
Internet Services
BY Complainer (79 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON April 16, 2015

I just would like to ask if I can be assisted with my complain about my purchase in Metrodeal just recently last April 2, I already called them,and still having discussion with email from their support team but I cant still get any resolution.

This is just about refunding the payment that I made for one of their deals,it is still unused since I paid them twice and it just so happened that by the time of validation of payment, I did received an error message so I process another payment the same day. I didnt expect that it would take too long for them to process the refund for me,they still got a deal from me,they should not take the extra and just advice me to send it as a gift to a friend or family which doesnt make sense to me in terms of getting my funds back. I know they can check and validate it,and it ia still unused. I just dont understand why its hard for them to process the refund.

I hope you can also help me with this.

Thank You,
BY tinflor24 (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON April 16, 2015
what instruction to give a friend who travelled from Japan via CebuPac travel luggage were damage and she witness the porters throwing bags from plane to carts ...   MORE INFO ON CebuPac>
LOCATION: Mandaluyong, Philippines
COMPLAINT ON Samsung smart tv
BY Samsungtvsucks (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON April 15, 2015
I BOUGHT MY 32" SAMSUNG SMART LED TV LAST JULY 2013. On march 2014 our tv had no pic with sound brought immediately at service center.replaced led panel and brought back after 3 days. Then on march 2015 again the same problem occur brought back at same samsung service center and dx with same problem and advise to replace led panels again.just after 1year of replacement our tv got broken again.Requested samsung to replace the unit since it already happened 2x and with new led panel replaced last year it should last at least 5 years beacause that is the minimum life of led bulb in tv panels. Samsung declined my request. Initially they offer me extended 6 mos warranty but i didnt agree and told them that i already read the same problems of samsung tv in US amounting to 7.5 thousand units.they offer me 1year extended warranty but i still didnt agree... Im calling to all samsung tv complainants to make a complaint.in US samsung give the complainants 18mos of extended warranty after they fi ...   MORE INFO ON samsung smart led tv>
Consumer Electronics
LOCATION: Batangas
BY Complainer (79 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON April 13, 2015
Engaged this provider last April 11, 2015 for my foreign guests. They were more than 1 hour late. ...   MORE INFO ON CEPUDCO MPC Transport Services>
BY residentevil5 (2 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON April 13, 2015
Internet speed is always slow. Not sure if they have decided to start toggling the internet speed or not. ...   MORE INFO ON HOME DSL>
Internet Services
LOCATION: Davao City
COMPLAINT ON Smart Communications
BY residentevil5 (2 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON April 13, 2015
Bought a smart with LTE micro sim card and can't even connect on the first day. Even the 3G services is just plain terrible compare to other networks. They should really stop advertising that they have the strongest signal since clearly they have failed that already numerous times already. ...   MORE INFO ON SMART>
Internet Services
LOCATION: Davao City
COMPLAINT ON Viking Rent A Car Services - Car Rentals
BY francisrv (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON April 09, 2015
I rented a coaster (P12,000.00 +P1500.00 gas + P200.00 driver's meal) last March 15, 2015 for a daytour vacation in Mauban Quezon and it was a major disaster. Nasira yung vehicle somewhere in Mauban Quezon. We were stuck from 7pm-9pm in the middle of nowhere... no houses, no lights, just trees and total darkness! Their action plan was to send a backup vehicle which would take approx 4-5hours. Due to security issue, I declined their offer and decided to rent 2 HiAce Grandia from Mauban Tourism Dept (P10,000.00) so we could leave the place ASAP. The next day, I went to their office in Medical Plaza bldg in Ortigas but as per the receptionist, the company is no longer their tenant for 2 years now. In addition to that, Ms Marichu (office staff) is asking me to pay an additional of P800.00 per hour since we were unable to leave the resort on time (3pm onwards). I tried calling and texting them but no update as of this writing. Mr. Hamilton Chua (Owner), I demand an explanation and a settle ...   MORE INFO ON Viking Rent A Car Services - Car Rentals>
Public Transport
LOCATION: Mandaluyong City
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