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COMPLAINT ON Cignal Digital TV
BY nadperona (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON September 01, 2014

I would like to file a complaint with CIGNAL TV. Below are the details.

CIGNAL TV no reception/technical project affected by Typhoon Glenda

Customer Address: #84 Daan Bago Orion Bataan

Reception lost: Last July 16, 2014
First report to CIGNAL customer care: August 20, 2014
First report was cancelled becauase the local partner in BATAAN cannot contact me(customer).

New report created: August 24, 2014
Followed up every other day: No technical assistance/home vitis still provided until now.

Cignal response on the follow up: They have provided the job order to the local partner in bataan(Cayanan Services(Bataan).

Based on Cignal no payment as to be made.
Local partner (Cayanan Services(Bataan)- They (Cayanan Services) are asking 728 PHP as a service charge to go to our home. They are not receiving any job order from CIGNAL company.
They will only go for technical visit if I (customer) pay 728 Pe ...   MORE INFO ON CIGNAL Digital Cable Suscription>
TV Cables
BY JC (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON September 01, 2014
We have experienced no transmission of cable TV service for 5 days now. I have been calling and following up everyday for the technical people to come look at the problem. Until now no one came. My neigboring unit in the condominium has cable TV so there are no interruption in the area. What is my right and to whom shall i file my complain? ...   MORE INFO ON DESTINY CABLE>
TV Cables
LOCATION: Metro Manila
COMPLAINT ON Milky Way Philippines
BY I.Complain.You (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 29, 2014
Before processing any order, I always make sure that the items I'm going to order are available. All they know is to say yes just to have a buyer, even if the items are not available. After processing the payment, they are asking me for another option, which is very annoying, they confirmed that the items are available then changed it after the payment has been processed. I asked them to cancel the order and refund the money, I pay 1,325 pesos and they return 1,245 only. This is just so crazy. ...   MORE INFO ON Milky Way Philippines>
Internet Services
LOCATION: Metro Manila
COMPLAINT ON Delcon Trading Roofing Materials
BY Complainer (45 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON August 27, 2014
I was just like to complain about this company because of its overpricing. They give you an estimate and then raise the price when you go to collect the materials. GREAT WAY OF LOSING BUSINESS! ...   MORE INFO ON Shinto Roof Tiles>
Professional Services
BY bluespex (5 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON August 27, 2014
Plate # UWL 773Date happened: Aug. 27, 2014Time: 2:30 pmWhere: NAIA 3 Departure AreaIncident: I was lining up in the taxi stand in NAIA3 departure area. The taxi was in the 2nd lane (not where the other taxis were lining up) so I didn't plan to take it. But the airport personnel handling the taxi stand told me to take it so I did. Before I handed my bags to the driver, I asked, "metro ba?", and he said, "oo". So he took my bag and box and placed them in the trunk. I entered the taxi with my other two bags. As we were going down the ramp, he asked how much was the usual fare going to my destination. I told him that I didn't know as I don't go there from the airport often, and told him to just use the meter, which we agreed on before I entered. He then claimed that his meter is broken, insisted that I pay P300, and argued that it was a good deal. I told him, "baba nalang ako". I probably could have haggled the price but I dislike dealing with dishonest people. He then replied, ...   MORE INFO ON taxi>
Public Transport
LOCATION: Philippines
COMPLAINT ON Ensogo Philippines
BY drizeh (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 26, 2014
I purchased items from Ensogo last July 29, 2014. Delivery of items takes 5-10 days but until now, I still don't have the items I purchased from their site. I emailed them regarding my concerns and they responded that I should coordinate with the courier. It took longer for them to respond to my emails and I don't know if they take this seriously. It's been almost a month since I bought the items from them and now I'm worried that I might not get what I paid for. What can I do so I get what I purchased from them. They won't respond to my emails anymore. ...   MORE INFO ON Mirror Design MP3 Players >
Couriers & Deliveries
LOCATION: Butuan City
BY Complainer (45 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON August 24, 2014
Israeli fugitive caught
By Evelyn Macairan (The Philippine Star) | Updated August 18, 2013 - 12:00am
MANILA, Philippines -One of Israel’s most wanted fugitives, who reportedly duped his compatriots of more than $1 million in a check clearing scam, was apprehended by the Bureau of Immigration (BI), an official said yesterday.

Niv Borsuk, 35, was arrested in Makati City on Aug. 8 by agents from the BI’s fugitive search unit, according to BI officer-in-charge Siegfred Mison.

Borsuk is the subject of an Interpol red notice, Mison said. The Israeli reportedly used the passport of his brother, Tamir, when he fled to the Philippines in 2010.

“Forensic test conducted by Israeli authorities confirmed that his fingerprints in our I-Card database matched that of his brother,” Mison said.

Borsuk has been illegally staying in the country as the passport he used was canceled in 2011 when his brother reported its loss, Mison said.

Accordin ...   MORE INFO ON capitalife>
Banking & Finance
COMPLAINT ON Global Telecom
BY Marge (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 23, 2014
I purchased a seafarer sim from Globe Telecom in partner with ivitta.The sim card is a special card designed for seafarer and their family that gives a cheaper rates for call and text.Apparently,it did not work that way.The seafarer sim cannot receive any messages from the Philippines.Called Globe to inform them and they said they cannot resolve my problem because ivitta hasnt been responding their inquiry on that matter.I have spoken with 5 agents and 3 supervisors already,but my complaint was left unattended.
I purchased load from their website and my credit card was debited with the amount of PHP900 but no load was credited.Called again but for the nth time,they did not give any importance on my complaint.Its been 2 months that no supervisor bothered to give me a feedback.
Given all these scenarios,it is evident that none of them were concerned on my complaint so I called this time just to get the names of the supervisors that I spoke with,but Mr Gilbert Umali,another super ...   MORE INFO ON Globe seafarer sim>
BY poisonivy (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 20, 2014
I just got a text from Cirrus Financial saying na they will file an Estafa case against me dahil sa mga bounced checks ko. Wala ako maalala dahil once lang ako nagopen ng checking account and that was because of Capitalife. I witnessed yung unti unti nilang pag closed last March. Ang masakit dun di naman nila naissue saken ang cash loan ko. May mga nakasabay pa ko nun na nagcocomplain dahil insufficient funds daw yung BDO checks na binigay sa kanila for their loans, etc. Pinaikot ikot kami and tinataguan until finally may humarap sa amin. I decided not to wait for their so-called management transition and told the guy na i just want all my documents back (i have it on video) especially yung mga blank checks that I issued. Ang daming palusot kesyo approved na daw ako kaya nasa warehouse na daw and wala dun sa site nila. They just gave me like a certificate to close my Sterling checking account. All this time, akala ko safe na ako. Yun pala nagamit ang personal information ko and now ak ...   MORE INFO ON Cirrus Financial>
Banking & Finance
LOCATION: Metro Manila
BY faith (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 18, 2014
Good day..tanong ko lang po, di ko matandaan kung May or June ako last naghulog ng bayad sa Capitalife thru my account sa Real Bank at binalak ko po sana magrenew ng loan. So i decided to go directly to Capitalife and then found out na closed na po pala sila without informing me or should I say halos lahat ng client nila dahil na rin sa dami ng nababasa kong complaints dito including yung mga nagsesend ng SMS or e-mail na nananakot sa di namin pagbabayad (sa totoo lang po regular ako naghuhulog at kahit paano ay good client dahil naka-renew pa nga po ulit ako prior sa pagsasara nila.) but then ng malaman kong nagsara sila without informing us, sinara ko po ang account ko...Ngayon po ay naka-receive ako ng e-mail coming from someone at nagpakilalang legal assistant daw po sya ng Cirrus at pde nya daw ako mademanda for not paying my account..Possible po ba na mangyari yun? Legal po ba ang ginagawa nila sa amin? Nakakatakot po kasi na mas lumalala pa problema namin dahil lang sa ginawa ni ...   MORE INFO ON CIRRUS HOLDING>
Banking & Finance
LOCATION: Metro Manila
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