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BY PatDy729 (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON December 05, 2016
Almost a month that a Skycable rep misled me to believe that I will have more channels specifically 10 HD channels on top of my existing package plus internet. To my surprise i lost 20+ after subscribing and only to find out later that the rep doesnt even know whats in my old package. I asked to be brought back to my old subsciption and will just apply for a lower mpbs internet service. Until now Skycable has not address my concern and just gives me canned responses with no action. ...   MORE INFO ON OneSky>
TV Cables
LOCATION: Metro Manila
BY jqagrabi (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON December 05, 2016
Banco de Oro gave us a fake money last 12/03/16. Hindi namin alam na fake yung pera until we tried to use it as a payment for my eye glasses. By the way, this was happened on BDO SM Clark, Pampanga. Nag withdraw yung husband ko ng 7k from my daughters savings bank account (passbook over the counter withdrawal), while I'm opening a Cash Card on one of the tellers. The teller told him na may transaction fee of 100php and it will be deducted sa kung passbook. 5 mins later, we received a call form BDo saying that the transaction fee was not deducted on the account and they asked us to come back to ay it. Luckily, we're still inside the bank and just hand the money over to the teller, that's the tellers first mistake. After i my transaction with the cash card, depositing 2k inside, nag lunch kami. After that, we went to EO for my eye glasses. I hand the money over the cashier and she said that my money was fake. FAKE! Eh kakakuha ko lang sa bank nun. Wala akong ibang dalang pera maliban ...   MORE INFO ON Banco de Oro>
Banking & Finance
LOCATION: Pampanga
BY carithomas (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON December 02, 2016
Annoyed with Avon Rep!!!

I had a nasty experience with avon representative named Dawn Storer, Whitland. She was rude and abusive on the phone when I rang about my order before line went dead. I called to see where my order was as I ordered over a month ago. Dawn shouted swearing and refused to give me refund. I am leaving my custom with avon and complaining of bad stinking attitude and no order to complaints department. Do I get refund if rep awkward or is it my word against her? I add photos to name and shame her of wrongdoing. I do not want anybody else fall victim. She should get fired!!! Comment with your advice. Thanks. Cari ...   MORE INFO ON Avon>
LOCATION: Metro Manila
BY Complainer (303 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON December 01, 2016
pinadala sa akin last nov. 23 until wala dec. 2 wala parin ako na received. nag compliant ako sa costumer service last nov. 25, 26 28 and 29 wala parin action. binigay ko na pati cellphone no. ko para tawagan ako kung ano na yong status ng pinadala sa akin until now wala parin.... ...   MORE INFO ON LBC>
Couriers & Deliveries
BY anon (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON December 01, 2016
Yesterday I withdraw 10k at Fairview Terraces BDO ATM machine I am also a BDO account holder the ATM was unable to dispense the cash however my account was debited 10k I immediately approached the guards and they advised me to recheck my balance but still my money was deficit of 10k they told me to informed the concierge of the mall i went there and they let me talked to a customer service that advised me to wait for 5 banking days since it will be under investigation. As I went home i browse to check if there are same incidence as mine I was amazed the numerous cases posted on the internet the sad and disappointing part is not all the time the money is returned to your account and most of the time BDO made you feel that it was something our negligence instead of trying to improved there machine and the quicker action on there part 5 days is too long for me to wait that money was for my rent I am not rich I am a regular employee and a bread winner. Some banks can easily resolved the pr ...   MORE INFO ON BDO>
Banking & Finance
LOCATION: Metro Manila
BY OFORLALES (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON November 29, 2016
been having a weekly internet service interruption..like this week Nov 23-29 we do not have an internet for 7 days..and yet PLDT is billing us in full monthly. ...   MORE INFO ON We Roam>
Internet Services
LOCATION: Metro Manila
BY Complainer (303 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON November 28, 2016
This company is based in the Philippines. Their office is located at Star Mall EDSA Kata Pt., Ground Level Cyber Point, corner Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. They have a P.O. Box address in the U.S., but there is no physical office. Kata P.O. Box 7440, Alhambra, CA. 91802. On May 10, 2016 a Dennis Pareno called me and sold a phone. I paid over the phone $59.98. I received the phone in a few weeks but there was not instruction as to how I will use the phone. I returned it on June 30, 2016. I asked for a refund but I was told that when I returned it it was already past the trial period. I did not use the phone. They continued to pull money from my account in the amount of $43.63 for 5 months. I called them on October 12, 2016 and spoke with Diane Buen adn Elmore Mores. They told me they cannot issue a refund but will return the phone. Until now, I do not have the phone.

My name is Edna Buenaventura, phn nr 904-252-9138, email buenaventuraedna7@gmail.com ...   MORE INFO ON Owtel - Kata>
COMPLAINT ON Philippine Customs - Postal Service
BY HaggisPI (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON November 25, 2016
Have recently received an online order delivered through FedEx on a "Free Shipping" basis and was a purchase value of about 4,000PHP. When delivered FedEx required the payment of 560PHP for "Warehouse Processing Fee" and "Individual Entry Fee" all of which are imposed by BOC. These fees are as follows - 420PHP for warehouse and 80PHP for the entry fee, both of which are VAT chargeable at 12%, totaling 560PHP which equates to a charge equivelant to 14% of the goods value. The government has sworn to get rid of taxes and duty on goods lower than 10,000PHP for personal use, but this "Indirect" charge equates to a tax however you look at it. Most other countries in the world use the customs duties and taxes to cover the operations of the custom entry points and non taxable items pass through with no hidden costs being passed on to the recipients, but not here. It seems any way possible various departments try to establish fees; however ludicrous; in an attempt to boost their p ...   MORE INFO ON Bureau of Customs>
LOCATION: Angeles City
COMPLAINT ON MAG services, Excellance appliance tech
BY Complainer (303 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON November 25, 2016
I have been trying for 8 months for MAG services in Imus
cavite, and Excellance appliance technologies Exatec) to repair my stove. Not only do they not answer my
text or phone calls, they charged me p450 for a service
(normally p350)They do not provide any services, and are not
professional. ...   MORE INFO ON Fujidenzo, White Westinghouse>
Professional Services
BY Mrslaq (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON November 24, 2016
1. Published rates say 69.00. Courier comes over charges me 70. I contacted Xend to ask for an explanation, they don't address this issue.

2. Last pouch in 711 had a small tear. I made due with that, had an xl package where all the items were able to fit but could not seal properly as I couldn't pull the flap too much on account of the tear. Courier refuses to take it from 711!instructs them to tell me I had to pay 260 as the package weighed more than 5kg this he determined without a weighing scale. I contacted Xend about this and as usual they refuse to take responsibility for their couriers or for the company as a whole. They have drop off points but aren't responsible enough to furnish them with the necessary supplies and I don't get really where the computation for the 260 and 5kg came in when there was no scale or anything. It fit in the pouch so it should have been considered as unliweight or they could have just changed the pouch entirely. ...   MORE INFO ON Xend>
Couriers & Deliveries
LOCATION: Metro Manila
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